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Angelika Lindahl, sopran


The Welcome...

Welcome to my web-page. The languages will alter between german, english and swedish, so that everybody I expect to sometimes have a look on what I am up to can read at least some of it...

When I interpret music, I feel very much inspired by the fantastic nature up here in Sweden that surrounds me every day and that is calling for being brought into tunes. The wonderful compositions of Wilhelm Peterson-Berger, Edvard Grieg, Olof Lindgren (an extraordinary composer from the island of Frösön, where I live) and other nordic musicians meet in my world the constantly inspiring works of W.A. Mozart, Richard Strauss, the French impressionists and the old Italien and German masters of barock. To make these meetings over boarders, across cultures and ages happening is one of my main goals, in the world of music as well as in everyday life.  

One of the great events in the year of 2009 in Jämtland was the performance of W.A. Mozarts "Magic Flute" at the Arnljotlägden on Frösön - with the most excentric views into the mountains as a background scenary. I was fortunate to be singing the first ladd as well as Pagagena - and I enjoyed every moment!

Feel welcome whoever and whereever you are


                                                (Mozart: Magic Flute

                                                Estrad Norr 2009) 

Angelika Lindahl 

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